What I Learned from Sharon
November 28, 2020

What I Learned from Sharon

Sharon and I were going to speak at the same event, but after some changes to my schedule I ended up speaking at a different event in New York. So, we were unable to meet in person, but I was so inspired and intrigued by Sharon’s story that I kept in touch with her. About a year after that New York event, I finally reached out to Sharon asking for a time we could meet. As she is in Australia, it was not a simple task. Somehow, we made it work. Everything that I had felt about Sharon was indeed the reality.

I have said many times and I say it here again--my work has taught me how to see the light, the gold in Kintsugi people. I can sense when a person’s story is real, that their intentions of being givers are authentic and genuine. Sharon is as genuine as it comes.

Talking to someone who deals with death was strange, and I did not know at first what to expect. What I learned from Sharon was amazing in so many levels!

Lessons from Sharon

  1. Death is Love. I have heard different ways to look at death, but as Love was not a way that I had ever conceived. I thought about how the soul keeps on living, that the departed is still with us in spirit, the memories we hold dear. Sharon explains the entire process as Love and that only strengthens my belief that perspective is hugely important in healing. When we see things that may seem bad in a positive light, we feel differently about our reality and our healing journey takes a shorter path. Sharon listens to the story of death and retells it as a story of love. I wished I was in the same country to see her at work.
  1. Being awake to the voice of God. I think so many people believe that when they hear a message it is themselves talking. They are not sure if they should believe it, count on it, or if they think it is their own wishful thinking. Sharon was very aware that this was a higher power communicating with her. She wanted to believe even when it sounded like a miracle would be necessary. Sharon is very attuned to this spiritual part of her.
  1. Realizing mistakes and accepting the new path. Sharon is fully aware that she was so focused on her career; she didn’t notice that all her blessings were at her fingertips. It took losing her health and almost her foot to step back into her own purpose. Sharon realized and quickly accepted that she was not looking at life the proper way and as soon as she embraced her purpose, she felt joyous and complete. Life changed so much but so did her gratitude for who she became. She doesn’t resent the cost she had to pay because what she earned has so much more value.

Sharon continues to thrive, despite ongoing difficulties with her foot. She accepts these challenges with love as she accepts the goodness that fills her heart. Sharon works so much in the world of death and one would think that she would be sad, but the truth is exactly the opposite. She has a deeper appreciation for life, for relationship, and for the true meaning of Love.


Sharon Muscet is one of Australia’s foremost experts on healing and loss. She is the founder of ‘The Love in Death’ movement, an award-winning thought leader, international speaker, published author and funeral celebrant. Her latest book ‘7 Life Lessons Learned Through Loss’, Sharon shares powerful stories of love, hope, transformation and legacy. Sharon is dedicated to sharing life lessons, transforming the fear of death and celebrating the power of love.

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