Learning from Amy
September 05, 2020

Learning from Amy

Amy and I participated in a Tony Robbins online challenge. As I have shared many times before, one Kintsugi spots another, and I found her captivating! I asked to interview her. After I did the interview, the only thing that saddened me was that I had not met her when she was living in Florida. We could have met for coffee and bonded more. If you speak with Amy, you would never believe that she suffered from mental illness and at any point considered taking her own life.

Amy was not only happy, she was thriving. She was full of love for life, for her husband, for her journey, for helping others. I could see her drive and preparation for the future. From one artist to another, I could see the gears of her mind creating and innovating.

Frankly, I just wanted my own RV and to join her on her travels. I totally understand that calling. At times, I feel like my soul is asking the same thing. Having nature as your backyard, meeting people, having time to be creative…all of that is an artist’s dream.

I learned many lessons from Amy and here are just some of them.

Lessons from Amy

  1. Realize that at times you must go through it yourself: I asked Amy if she was upset with her parents that they did not come to her rescue when she was suicidal. She was not. I was surprised. I was expecting her to demonstrate some type of sadness about it, but the contrary was true. Then she mentioned the situation with her case of appendicitis, it was an experience she resented her parents for a very long time. With her mental health, she fully believed that she needed to go through it on her own. Somehow, I am not sure why my feeling was that it was a long period of birth. Amy is no longer the same person, and it is almost as though she had to go through that period alone to have that rebirth. I was impressed.

  2. Courage and faith: Amy demonstrated the style of courage and faith you would not expect from someone whose life had been shaken multiple times. A person who has so many downs could have a tendency to be careful, less adventurous, and ungrateful for the progress. Amy showed me how she feels completely strong and protected. She understands fully that downs may come, as most people have to go through various disappointments in life, but she is fully aware that her resilience arsenal is full of weapons that she knows how to use. She knows she and her husband are stronger and together they can overcome, as they have demonstrated in their past.

  3. Visualization for the future: Amy is not living irresponsibly; she is fulfilling one of their dreams while planning and working on their future dreams. We discussed the power of visualization. Since then, I have been doing a lot of reading. I am learning about vibrations and how the energies we put out attract the same vibration back. She has taken that to a professional level, and I couldn’t be prouder, as I know that the work is holy and will help so many. How amazing that she was able to merge her love for art with something as special as creating mood boards and putting them on paper.

I really hope that our paths will cross so we can do artsy stuff together and dream amazing futures for ourselves and our loved ones. I ask you to be open to the gifts your surroundings make available for you. I just think about how many amazing people I don’t get to meet while on earth, but I am extremely grateful for the ones that have been and will be gifted to me.

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