Lessons from Michelle
September 19, 2020

Lessons from Michelle

I met Michelle in an online group. I had posed a question: Who had a resilience story that they would like to share? Michelle answered right away, and we scheduled our call.

The part that touched my heart the most was a question that Michelle asked at the end. She asked me what the cost of the interview was for her. No one had ever asked me that, and in a way, I felt that many people must have taken advantage of Michelle's kind heart. I told her that I don't charge to interview and share the story. I was touched that she realized that I was investing time (I also invest money as I have a proofreader review my writing). I was really moved by her appreciation for my time and my effort. It spoke volumes in regard to her character. I feel so lucky that I get to do this work. I am lucky to bring to my reader's stories of literally everyday heroes. People who have the "right" to be angry and resentful, who decided to pick themselves up, do the hard work, thrive, and then serve others.

What I learned from Michelle

  1. Never give up: Frankly, I think that Michelle could have given up. At some point, she could have asked, Why? Why me? How much more? She may have experienced bad days, but overall, Michelle was ready to fight. She was prepared to find a new solution; she was open to trying new things, wanted to live, and was determined to find a way. She did. This proves how we never know when we will find the way to joy. It can come at what point in our trajectory.

  2. Recognition of how resentments affected her life: Michelle said to me many times throughout the interview, "The moment I let go of the hate, the moment I forgave--the sky opened up and filled me up with joy." She felt that so much of her sicknesses were the anger she was holding in her soul. Michelle didn't choose to justify these feelings. When she realized they were making her sick, she worked hard to let go and attain joy. And she did.

  3. Not to poison the good things that were mixed within bad events: I was very impressed that Michelle spoke about her ex-husband's children. She spoke with love and devotion. The fact that she had been so angry at him did not poison her feelings for them. She was able to compartmentalize what had happened and cherish the good that came with that relationship. This way, she was able to still enjoy the goodness within a messy situation.

Sometimes, it takes an outsider to notice some fantastic traits that we have and live our lives by. There are actions that we may take for granted, which are valuable lessons for others. I am still in awe of her strength, love, and tenacity. I am so honored that I can share these stories with you! 

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