Lessons from Karla
October 17, 2020

Lessons from Karla

Karla and I took an online course together. When I posted asking for someone who would want to share her story, Karla volunteered.

Over Zoom, I met this beautiful, kind, and sweet soul who was still coming to terms with all the life changes. I saw a difficulty sharing the story, as going to the past was painful and challenging. At the same time, I saw a transformation in Karla’s voice and mannerisms when the conversation shifted to all her accomplishments:  the jobs, the growth, the help that she has provided so many. I shared something with Karla. I am also very considerate of my legacy. I don’t think most people live their lives consumed by what will people say after we leave this earth. I see that with people who really want to matter, who want to make a difference in real and concrete ways.

It is not about the accolades; it is about how many people we helped and impacted in a positive way. When this becomes our passion, it is almost a thought that doesn’t leave our minds throughout our days, trying to find meaning in the things that occupy us.

Karla is surely Kintsugi. So much of what I see in her are things that I discuss in my new book and my course. It was obvious to see these, and I want to point them out here.

  1. Taking responsibility is not a weakness but a strength: Karla was not happy when therapists were pointing fingers and trying to find issues in her childhood or with her parents. She knew that she had responsibility in the path her life had taken and once she accepted her part in it, she was able to free herself and feel empowered.

  2. Finding purpose in her story: She learned what had happened to her, she understood what had transpired, and she forgave herself for her responsibility. She knew that her life had to be focused on making her mess become her message. She knew that being in this field was not only what she enjoyed doing but it was her purpose and she fought against all odds to make it her life, by volunteering and putting herself in this world and then becoming the best that she could be. She took time to revisit how her actions were fulfilling that purpose.

  3. Breaking the cycle and starting a new trajectory: Karla is the picture-perfect example of someone who did what she preached. Karla helps women get out of the cycle of abuse. She helps them discover their worth, and she had practiced all of that. Her story of trauma, rape, abuse, victimization was prevalent in her life for a big chunk of it, at times that are very defining in someone’s life. She took control of her life. She changed it and made it into a life of love, help, guidance, and friendship. She made it productive, safe. She transformed it into something that she will be proud to leave as her legacy.

I hope that her story brings you hope. I hope it shows that everything can change in a moment and that no matter what your past was, your future is in your hands and you can make it into what you want it to be. Yes, it will stir you in ways you don’t expect. Not every experience will be fun but keep remembering that, “Life is happening for you, not to you.”

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