The bond of Kintsugi
July 09, 2019

The bond of Kintsugi

Lessons learned from Celine

I met Celine on Instagram. We both tag our photos #Kintsugi. She ordered a Mikah dress and wore it for the signing of her book in France and when she was the recipient of the Resilience Award in Paris. She will be wearing it in Vegas and in NYC when she will be speaking at a women’s summit about Kintsugi. She will wear it at the Strand when she has her book signing in the most quintessential bookstore in NYC.

But she had to know the person creating clothing with Kintsugi designs! Who was this person who understands the concept and shares the healing of the art in such a tangible manner?

Sisterhood of Kintsugi

Some people you never really know. Years together still do not clarify who the individual really is as a person. Other people, you get the entire picture online with quick connections.

Maybe Celine and I are sisters from different mothers. Maybe our souls speak the same language. One this is certain:  we understand, in a very visual and clear way, the power of the Kintsugi message. This message correspondingly gives us hope and gives us strength while empowering us to keep fighting, fixing, and working on our healing.

I had to interview Celine and learn more about her trajectory.

  1. Gratitude for the slivers of light within the darkness. When you interview someone, there are some amazing things that occur during that time. Some are difficult or nearly impossible to describe:  the way a person smiles, what excites that person, her outlook on life, her zest for living, her gratitude. Some of these connections are even harder to put into words. With Celine, there was something very magical. She kept reiterating one sentence throughout the interview, with so much gusto. It was almost as if she was describing the most decadent of desserts, the most stunning scenery or the most effervescent of events. She kept saying, “I am so lucky.”

Wow! I continued writing, as she was saying, “I am so lucky.” At my count, I believe she said it 8-10 times in the interview. She was someone recounting her multiple falls, breaks, disenchantments, and incredible pain. At the same time, she could clearly see the loving and guiding hand that was next to her. It was showing the path, encouraging her progress, and expanding her aptitudes. 

Celine was not just grateful, as this is something that I have talked about before. She was very aware, very in touch with her circumstances. She could see the miracles throughout her life. She saw it so vividly; she was able to be grateful and recognize how lucky she is. We all have these moments of sparkle. If we are wearing protective gear, sun glasses if you will, to hide from the pains of our lives--sometimes we can't see and take the time to appreciate the jewels that are bestowed upon us.

  1. A clear understanding of her weaknesses with the desire to keep working and improving. We are all experts in analyzing someone else’s faults and weaknesses. Are we equally aware to evaluate what we need to improve? Celine has a clear understanding of her shortcomings. She knows them. She is not so proud of them per se, but she is not ashamed of them. She knows that only facing them head on will allow improvement. She is very conscious of being a work in progress, and she forgives herself for being on the long road of becoming better, stronger, and improved.

Celine is not afraid to do the work. The fact that she talks and writes about Kintsugi does not mean that she thinks she is a finished piece of art. She is still mending her breaks, old ones and the new that come along the way.

This is the only way to keep improving. We have to recognize and acknowledge we are a work in progress. The closest we will come to perfection is really the end of the road. Until then, Celine keeps working hard at beautifying herself with the most valuable of golds.

  1. Unwavering hope. Celine knows what she wants. She won’t compromise. She wants a safe home, a supporting loving husband who will be honest and committed. Despite the trauma from her parent’s divorce, her mother’s suicide, and two failed marriages the dream lives on in her. She is out there working on preparing herself for the life she knows she deserves. Her life changes are preparing her for what is to come.

It may not look exactly as she dreamt or expected, but it will be good because she is dedicated to finding that special connection. Many people would have given up. Most people would be jaded. Some would be happy just marching on, day by day…Not Celine. She knows she is changing, growing, and becoming someone even more exceptional. At some point, she will be ready to receive the relationship she deserves.

Celine has gone through more than many of us.

She is not a victim. She is not a survivor. She is a thriver!

Celine is Kintsugi, and I am honored that she has become my friend.

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