Lessons from Daryl
May 23, 2020

Lessons from Daryl

I met Daryl at a photo shoot. I wanted to photograph a middle-aged woman to show how our clothing fits women of all ages. We had met in a Facebook group, and Daryl volunteered for the job. This is how I know that God sends me the people I need to tell their stories. Daryl heard the concept of our fashion line, and soon she opened up to me about her struggles. In matter of minutes, it felt like we were best friends. It is a warm feeling of meeting someone that belongs in your path. This sensation is almost like it is not the first time you are meeting this person, but like our souls have had a connection in a previous lifetime.

We scheduled a Zoom call. The call ended up with some tears, some very raw emotions. I hate that I cannot extend a good hug… I always joke that I am of a bigger size, because my hugs are the coziest ones, and I couldn’t use it through video. 

My Top Three Lessons from Daryl  

  1. You are never too old to expect validation from a parent. Isn’t that the truth. Personally, I know that firsthand. How much I yearn to hear that I did well, that I am recognized for my success. I did receive that from my father, who passed this year, and every time I want to share a win with him, I miss how proud he used to be of me. Thinking of that emotion, I really understood what Daryl was missing and how painful this must have been. It is a great reminder for us to give this validation to our children and also to friends. We never know who is starving for love and admiration. It doesn’t cost anything, either. Let’s be more loving and encouraging to our circle of friends.

  2. The desire to live gives us superhuman powers. Daryl was able to overcome so many hurdles including anorexia by the sheer desire to live. She sought help, she read, she learned, she grew, and she did what it took to overcome her personal obstacles.

  3. She didn’t just build a family; she built a legacy. Daryl was not only looking to deal with her own son the best way she could. She wanted to create a legacy: she wanted to break the cycle of alcohol abuse, abandonment, and the lack of real connection. She had to overcome all of these and create a new future so the future generations would not have to suffer from the same problems. Daryl was thinking big and creating a new legacy for the future of her whole family.

This project is my passion project. I feel honored to deliver these amazing women’s stories. I share them with you so you can learn from their experiences and apply them to your lives, to shorten the process of pain, of mistakes, of grieving. 

I hope that these stories help you as much as they help me. I often say that these women save my life. I know that I apply the wisdom I learn from them to my own path, and I clearly see the difference it makes.
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For more information on Anorexia click here

National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-273-8255