Learning from Xierra's Kintsugi Story
January 26, 2019

Learning from Xierra's Kintsugi Story


We are kintsugi. All of us are broken vessels, mended one way or another. We might as well be healed with gold and silver. Our scars are evidence of a life lived, growth and lessons learned. Golden scars illuminate the life of others with inspiration and teaching. Our experiences are powerful when shared together. We need to celebrate, admire, and openly receive the lessons.

I always say that one message has different meanings to different people. Interpretation is subjective, and each of us understands messages in our own way. A single story can impact hundreds, if not thousands, of diverse people in unique ways.

As I hear more Kintsugi stories, I will try to write a list of what I learned from each interview. Our community is based on sharing. I believe that we can each take away something unique from these empowering interviews of motivational women. As our community grows, I hope you can share what you experienced through these interviews!

The Personal Impact of Xierra's Story

I met Xierra on Instagram. At first, I simply admired her works of art. I asked Xierra to collaborate with me by painting models for the Kintsugi Collection's photo shoot. It was then that I found out about her story. I realized she was placed in my path for a reason. Xierra became my first interviewee.

We met at quaint coffee shop in Miami. Laughing and crying over hot coffee, I felt I could have spent the entire day with her! Nervous at first, we pushed through as the hours passed. Tucking a piece of hair behind her ear, she told me her story as I listened. As I turned my napkin around and around in my hands, we began to open up and truly see each other. When we parted, I felt both drained and invigorated. I empathized with her pain and story but felt inspired by the messages I learned.

Lessons from Xierra

  1. Relationships with intense resentment, ridden with misunderstandings and pain, can be repaired. There is hope.
  2. At any age or time, you can begin the healing procession. Her mother only dealt with the rape after decades had passed and her daughter confronted her. There is hope.
  3. The "problem" itself can bring the healing. Xierra was taught that her body was a bad thing. It is through body painting that her self-esteem blossomed. As her mother became proud of her daughter's work with artistically celebrating the body, she found her own healing direction. There is hope.

There are No Coincidences

I could not leave you without sharing something unexpected that happened during our interview. At the table next to us, a gentleman sat eating alone. Out of nowhere, he approached us and said, "I have been listening to your entire conversation. I am having a hard time leaving the restaurant, but I have to go." He looked to Xierra, "I want you to know your story is amazing." Turning to face me he said, "What you are doing is amazing. Good luck to both of you!" He excused himself and left.

He had to hear the story. He had to be there to speak to us, so we could hear his unique message. There are no coincidences. Our stories are meant to be heard and make others stronger, wiser, and inspired.

Lessons from Strangers

The message I learned from him is that we are always where we need to be. We should learn from everyone and everything that is in our path. There is a reason for us to be where we are, even when stopping for a simple coffee. If you like something, say it! You have no idea how it will empower the other person to keep moving forward. Inspiration is everywhere if you look for it.

Share your comments and thoughts. Your kintsugi experience may inspire others just like Xierra's has and will continue to do. We would love to hear from you today! If you would like to be featured and you want to share your Kintsugi Story please email us at: sales@mikahfashion.com