Learning about turning disabilities to abilities
April 06, 2019

Learning about turning disabilities to abilities

Learning from Lorys’ Kintsugi Story

Casually, I have known Lorys for many years. Recently, we have spent more time together, as she likes my clothing collection and is an important supporter of my business. Not only does she purchase the clothing, but she also promotes the line by liking my posts and sharing news about my business with her friends and contemporaries.

I always wonder why women do not support other female entrepreneurs. Sometimes, just getting a like on a social media post is like pulling teeth! I have heard from other entrepreneurs that they have had the same experience. For Lorys, being supportive is a second nature. After our interview, I had a deeper understanding about who she is and why she is able to so confidently support of other women.

Lorys is the sort of person who sincerely cheers you on. You don’t need to be her closest friend or part of her tight knit group. Whenever Lorys receives a compliment on an outfit she purchased from me, she makes a point to tell the person about my business. She is not a brand ambassador; she just genuinely appreciates and supports other women.

In her life, Lorys has experienced a fundamental lack of support. It gives her unique insight into how transformative encouragement can be. She has used this knowledge to turn her pain into someone else's joy! She brings to this world what she wished she had as a young child. That in itself is very inspiring to me and demonstrates the important lesson to be the light I wish to see in this world.

The Personal Impact of Lorys' Story

  1. Faith is a complicated topic. Not every person who reads this blog believes in God and surely not all have the same faith. I think we all believe in some power or energy and that keeps us strong. It helps us grow as human beings. Sometimes when we are handed challenges, the first one we blame is God or the energy you believe in. Please feel free to personalize that statement to your beliefs. Lorys is a woman of sincere faith, but Lorys never blamed God for giving her physical and emotional challenges. She focused on giving him recognition for all the miracles in her life. When I look introspectively regarding my relationship with God, I see him as father figure. When I talk to “him,” I speak as a child:  sometimes lovingly, sometimes begging, sometimes even angrily. Lorys connection with God went beyond that to the role a King, Owner, Father. It is as a best friend and that is one of the most beautiful descriptions of a connection with God that I have heard. Often, I think that we just need God as a friend, someone to lean on without fear, without having to please, and I think that is very comforting relationship to have.   
  2. Life is about making choices. In Lorys’ case, she had to choose between going back to her original school and being lonely, being bullied and not changing status quo. Or, she could do something drastic and daunting, to try for a better life! I learned that Lorys' love and belief in herself was so powerful, it could propel her to create a better life. She knew that she could trust her instinct. Even though she did not have a counselor or someone to guide her, she had inner wisdom and God leading her. She trusted her gut and purposely failed three tests so she could go to a different school. She was not afraid to fail in order to succeed. Not only was she no longer lonely, she also significantly improved academically. To make that decision took tremendous courage. This changed the trajectory of her life. Lorys’ story reminds us that we are worth taking chances, we are worth fighting for, and we can trust our inner voice.
  3. Age is just a number. We should never give up on cultivating ourselves and our quality of life. At 62 years of age and being married for many years with daughters grown and out of the house, Lorys could settle and live her life with resignation. But not Lorys. Lorys does not give up; she values herself and her life. Therefore, she lives like there is always room for improvement. There is time for Lorys. Her positive thinking and determination is helping her get physically stronger. Lory’s is reaching new milestones and inspiring others with her strength.  There is no question that it is never too late for any of us. 

You are Worthy

From a very young age, Lorys knew she was worth time, effort, love and commitment. She gave it to herself as a young girl, and she gives to herself today. Lorys knew her life would not be ordinary. Today, Lorys' story empowers us to appreciate and accept who we are and always strive to be better. She teaches us how the power of self-love and acceptance can catapult us to immense satisfaction. I am grateful to have Lorys in my life. Her friendship, her support and her inspiration is a true gift.

Lorys mended her breaks with gold. She took her disabilities and turned them into abilities. Her scars are what makes her unique and beautiful. Lorys is certainly "Kintsugi."

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