Being of Service is the Best Medicine
September 01, 2019

Being of Service is the Best Medicine

People ask me how I meet the ladies I interview. I like to answer that God brings them to me. Each one appearing into my life at the perfect time, with incredible stories of resilience, strength and empowerment.

At a fashion show I did in 2018, I met Woody and Amy Michleb. Amy was our Kintsugi interviewee in March (check her amazing story if you have not read it yet). Woody and Amy are amazing hair designers and I introduced a friend of mine, Adina, who is a wig stylist in Baltimore. Adina soon started selling Style the Runway products, developed by Woody and Amy and she fell in love with their talent and kindness as I did. So, Adina decided to volunteer and travel to NY to help Woody and Amy when they were doing hair for NYFW. One of the shows they did the hair for was for Project Cancerland and there Adina met Angela. Whom immediately introduced me because she knew I would absolutely love to meet and talk to Angela, which I did. I share all of that with you because I want to make a point. More on that at the end of this blog post.

Angela like all the ladies I interview, detailed her struggles with poise, and she conveyed answered all the questions I had even before I asked…  Years ago, even before I started this project, I gave a lecture about happiness. I came to many conclusions and Angela confirmed so many of my findings.

“My goal is to be like Mother Theresa”

Throughout my conversation with Angela I could hear how much she cares for those whom she helps and frankly, I won’t be surprised if her good deeds are lengthening her life on this earth. Because we need Angela as much as Angela needs those whom she helps.

What I learned from Angela

  1. Worry less, do more: When Angela got the terrible news about her diagnosis, she had to make some serious decisions. She quit her job because she knew that it would take much effort to care for her health, and she wanted to use her time on earth in a way that would be most meaningful. Not once in our conversation she demonstrated any worry about her financial hardship, about how these changes would affect her. She had a goal and she knew that things would work out. I think that faith had a lot to do with it.
  2. Huge goals and consistent action, all in the name of kindness: Angela doesn’t just want to be good she wants to be “Mother Theresa good” but she doesn’t sit at home lamenting that she will probably never be Mother Theresa, she became Mother Theresa for the ones she can, touching their lives in meaningful and consistent ways. I think that people sometimes become paralyzed by the grandiosity of the goals and don’t move forward. People tend to not believe in their abilities and in the power of small consistent actions. But Angela, created a life for herself where each day became so meaningful, full of direction and that keeps her moving instead of leaving her depressed and stuck. I always believed and still believe, and I often write and talk about the fact that Altruism is the secret of happiness. When you are of service, when you are not the center of the world but here to do for others, that is what gives you lasting happiness. I personally believe that the fact that Angela is busy with acts of kindness she is joyful which in turn prolongs her life and strengthens her health.
  3. It doesn’t hurt to be humble: Not once Angela portrayed herself as a hero. Her goal to be like Mother Theresa by no means was that she was describing herself as one, but just having the desire to be emulate someone who has done so much good in this world. Angela spoke about what she does in a humble way, with much appreciation for each day that she can do the acts of kindness. She is the one who drives the patients and does the actual work, she is not seating at home and finding other volunteers to do the work. She is involved with doing herself and in a very humble way. But from our conversation another thing was very clear. Angela wants to emulate God. Do as he does, and that leads me to my consistent question about forgiveness.

Let’s talk about forgiveness

I ask all the ones I interview about forgiveness. I think I am fascinated with the subject and if I had nothing else to do, I might just have researched the subject full time. I wanted to know how Angela felt about forgiveness and I wanted to know if she felt she needed to forgive God for dealing her a bad hand and here is the most amazing part of our conversation:

  1. She is grateful to God for what he handed her. She would not change a thing. There is nothing to forgive God for as he is the source of her strength and happiness.
  2. We must forgive, because God forgives, and we must emulate Him.
  3. She is working on forgiving some people who have hurt her, as she knows that it is a must thing to do because of #2 above and because she knows that it will make her feel better as well. 

Can we do good as a united Tribe?

Angela’s car is old, it has too many miles and it is giving her trouble. She needs her car to continue doing her selfless work I believe we could all participate in some little way and share with her in her acts of kindness and be, also angels in the lives of so many that she helps on a regular basis.

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