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Heal with Gold book is the culmination of two years of interviews that I have conducted in search of answers. Are there commonalities between women who overcame adversity? Is there a specific path to healing? I found the answers and I share them with you in this book.

We have already received endorsements from Dr. Tal Ben Shahar, Paul Cummings, Jesse itzler, Jim Stoval, Simonneta Lein, Susan Friedmann, and more coming. I can't wait to hear what you have to say!

From now until the book is available on Amazon which should be by end of October, we will match every purchase of books, no matter how many and they will be donated to women in shelters and hospitals. We are partnering with a few nonprofit organizations who will help us distribute the books. We are not profiting from the sale of the book. Our intention is to spread healing, and resilience tools. We hope you will enjoy the read!

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