Style Can’t Be Bought November 08, 2017 13:54

Fashion and photo by Carven

We have all heard that but what does it mean? You can go to any retailer and put an entire outfit together and you are dressed in style.

But what is style? How do we define it and what is the danger in blindingly following high fashion brands?

Here is my take. Dressing with style is not the same as having style.

Style is Art.

It is what you do with what’s available; it is what you do to portray your inner feelings, your personality. It transcends trends.

Mismatched patterns, mismatched colors, vintage clothing or repurposed outfits are no longer a no no, but rather new ways we can use to communicate who we are. Doing this successfully is style. Finding bargain outfits and putting them together in a way that describes who you are, that is style.

High fashion brands are more a social description of who you are then a an artistic expression of what you are all about.

Go out and dare to evoke who you are with your own personal style.  Without care of recognition for of how much you spent on an outfit or an accessory.

Your wardrobe should be the pallet of your soul.  That is Style. That can’t be bought.