Shopping is exciting! Shopping is exhilarating! Or is it?

I have spoken to many women who explain to me how many times a trip to the mall can end in tears. Trying on clothes in a tiny room in front of a large mirror, with mostly bad lighting, makes for the perfect environment in which women start to analyze their bodies and may be very critical. This is too big, this is too small, this is too narrow, or not narrow enough. In minutes, what started as a what was supposed to be a fun shopping experience ends in frustration and sadness. 

Our weight is unstable and it often fluctuates depending on diet, eating habits, exercise, medication, and other factors. But even without a change in weight, shopping for clothing anytime a person is unhappy with their body can be painful and detrimental to their self-esteem. 

It is hard for us to accept that we are not what society deems as perfect. But we cannot replicate the unrealistic portrayal of beauty that the media promotes. We are a lot more than our bodies. We are our confidence, we are our perseverance, we are our happiness. We need to be surrounded by what makes us happy because that is what makes us really attractive. 

But not all shopping experiences are alike. 

Shopping for accessories is a completely different experience. Instead of highlighting the places we're unhappy with, accessories actually accentuate the areas we are satisfied with and proud of. Accessories can say so much about who we are and allow us to truly express ourselves. They can change a simple outfit to an elegant, funky, or unique one. They can refine an arbitrary outfit to completely represent who we are as an individual. Add a statement necklace and your simple black dress is completely revamped. 

In reality, we don't need that many different items of clothing. We only need a few pieces that can be interchanged and that are flattering. Then accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. Use your imagination, creativity, and your unique style to bring the outfits you feel good in to a completely different level. Use these accessories to proudly display and evoke the woman that you are. The happy, strong, and powerful woman; who is beautiful not despite of, but because of, all her imperfections. 

Shopping for Mikah acessories is always a good experience. Our unique handbags and jewelry will transform the outfits you already have in your closet into bold fashion statements. They will put a smile on your face because your happiness is really what makes you beautiful. Use the code WomenBeauty and get an additional 20% off your next accessory from Mikah Bags.

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