Contemporary and edgy, Mikah's latest line of jewelry features statement pieces meant to get attention.  With bold measurements, handmade textures, and lightweight workmanship, the collections offer pleasing geometric silhouettes to create a modern and stylish presentation.  Perfect for occasion gifting, Mikah's unique jewelry is ideal for anniversaries, graduations, bridesmaids, Bat Mitzvah, or Mother's Day.

Exclusively for Mikah in the United States, the Di Cotone, Geometrica, and Elastica Collections feature molten metallic craftsmanship.  Every piece in the collections is handmade and designed by Italian artisans.  As a testament to the workmanship, every piece is unique and will showcase subtle imperfections that add to the quality of the jewelry.

Forged from cast aluminum, the jewelry is made from 100% recycled materials.  Eco-friendly, chic, and stylish, each piece offers casual and natural materials that include soft 100% cotton, flexible elastic accents, and rough metallic details.  Extremely lightweight, the jewelry is easy to wear with a big impact.

Discover the rich and edgy texture of Mikah's jewelry and find a piece meant to last for a lifetime with cast quality.  Aluminum jewelry is non-tarnishing, silvery, and always made with environmentally friendly recycled materials just for her.  A creative touch to any jewelry collection, these are pieces that stand out in crowd and always inspire a second glance.

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