There's no question about it. Women love handbags. We spend hours looking for the perfect bag that best reflects us and not just any purse will do. We want detail, quality, colors, and functionality presented in one unique bag just for us. But why?

A leather handbag, crossbody bag, or backpack is much more than storage. A purse is a constant companion that carries you wherever you need to go. It instantly allows you to pick up a bag and go anyplace at any time. It is freedom, functionality, and independence in one easy to grab accessory.

Not just a serviceable tool, a leather bag represents you to the world. Clothes may change and jewelry is switched up daily, but no matter what you are a wearing--a purse is a dependable accent and always on hand. Even if you are dressed down for the gym, a quality leather bag immediately indicates rank, luxury, and self-respect. It is an embellishment just for you, and it enduringly points out status.

In persistently changing environments, a handbag or backpack offers security and sanctuary to women. It transports much more than lipstick. A leather bag secures assets, business cards, daily necessities, and the little things that mean so much. A purse creates security and comfort every day, no matter where a woman may go.

Mikah's bags are selected by women for women. Chosen for function and elegance, our collections are commissioned for fine points like anti-theft compartments, strong and luxurious details, and couture surfaces designed to make your presentation flawless. When you choose a Mikah bag, you can anticipate excellence, security, and a presentation purse designed to always make an impression no matter who you are or where you are.

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