Genuine leather is a rich and sumptuous material that can last a lifetime with proper care and upkeep. Our expert tips on maintaining your leather purses and bags will guide you on how to get the most out of bags, totes, purses, backpacks, and more. A quality leather bag is an investment--take care of it!

Type of Leather

Mikah knows leather in all variations, and different finishes require different care. The first step to caring for your leather goods is to discover what kind of finish your leather has. Soft suede, pebbled leather, and sauvage leather are just a handful of textures that may be in your hands. Once the type of leather is identified, select an appropriate cleaner. Using the wrong kind of cleaner can be a detriment to a valuable leather handbag. Always spot test the bag before using a new cleanser.

Cleaning Hardware

Many leather bags and purses are equipped with quality hardware that accents and embellishes the bag. Usually, a soft cloth is all that is needed. Simply polish the hardware with a gentle cloth to restore shine and luster. This is especially important before storing leather bags for any length of time.


Mikah Bags always recommends storing leather goods in a dust bag. Many of Mikah's larger handbags are delivered with a protective outer bag to preserve and protect the design. To maintain structure, bags may be stored with tissue paper inside the bag to preserve the shape. Never overstuff leather goods, as leather stretches just like skin. Many purse collectors use the original box the purse came in for storage. Purses and bags may also be hung or shelved carefully with a cloth draped over them to protect them from dust, air pollutants, and humidity. A room temperature location out of direct sunlight is the best choice for all leather goods. Never seal the bag in plastic or tight packaging. Leather needs to breathe just like skin. Storage is especially important when putting away a leather purse or bag seasonally.

  • Identify the type of leather in your care
  • Find a leather-appropriate cleanser and conditioner
  • Spot test cleanser and conditioners before using
  • Polish hardware with a soft cloth to maintain luster
  • Always wipe hardware before storage
  • Store bags with a dust cover at room temperature
  • Do not store bags in direct sunlight
  • Maintain structure during storage by gently filling bag with tissue paper
  • Never overload bag during use or storage
  • Airtight storage is not suitable for genuine leather

With maintenance and proper storage, a leather purse or bag can become an heirloom. Mikah Bags offer finely crafted leather goods and accessories meant to stand the test of time. Take a moment for yourself and browse through our collections of high-end bags to find the perfect purse for you.

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